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We offer multiple programs including boot camp & provide our clients with countless nutritional resources & 24/7 support. We are Scenic City Boot Camp & Transformation Center. Our mission: To elevate and empower ordinary people to . Road To Rehab is a searchable directory which includes more than 16, drug rehab programs, including longterm residential drug treatment, out-patient treatment; detox facilities for drug addiction and alcoholism, and drug rehab for specific types of drugs such as heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana, methamphetamine and prescription drug abuse.

Boot camp rehab centers require strict adherence to rules, inspections, copious amounts of physical exercise, living in very sparse conditions, and eating very little food. To many people, this kind of treatment may seem harsh. However, it is designed to shock a person who is suffering from addiction. Boot camp drug treatment centers and programs focus on a military model that includes a strict daily regimen, including cleaning and other duties, regular inspections, physical exercise, and simple meals. Disobeying rules results in expulsion from the program.

Boot Camp The Special Alternative Incarceration Program or Boot Camp, located at Turney Center Industrial Complex Annex in Wayne County, is a highly disciplined and structured program combining community service work, life skills and drug treatment.