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Jun 16,  · Traditional student populations enjoy being taught, but adult learners would prefer to explore a topic on their own. This format is often called “didactic teaching,” according to Adult Education and Lifelong Learning: Theory and Practice. Jan 10,  · Classroom management for adult students can be a tricky road to walk. One of the benefits of teaching adults is that you don’t have to constantly deal with discipline and class management the way you do with kids. For the most part, adult learners can stay in their seats, follow directions and willingly complete tasks.

Jan 25,  · “Adult students have jobs, sometimes children and tons of responsibilities, so pack every class with information and useful activities.” Consider balancing instructional time with “lab” time, giving students an opportunity to do modeling work or homework in class to give them a better chance of accomplishing all the requirements on fucksa.xyz: Brooks Doherty. learning, the teacher of adults has a different job from the one who teaches children. Since the ’s, adult learning theory has offered a framework for educators and trainers. Malcolm S. Knowles (), a pioneer in adult learning, based his work on the concept of “andragogy” (the art andscience of how adults .

Adult Learners As consumers, adult students need to believe that they are receiving the maximum benefit from their learning experiences. They are taking charge of their own learning is empowering. Students who gain a sense of self-responsibility can feel empowered in other areas of their lives such as professional practice.