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Facts About Older Adult Oral Health By , according to the US Census, the number of US adults aged 65 years or older is expected to reach 98 million, 24% of the overall population. 1 Older Americans with the poorest oral health tend to be those who are economically disadvantaged, lack insurance, and are members of racial and ethnic minorities. Age 15 years or older at initial vaccination: 3-dose series at 0, 1–2 months, 6 months (minimum intervals: dose 1 to dose 2: 4 weeks / dose 2 to dose 3: 12 weeks / dose 1 to dose 3: 5 months; repeat dose if administered too soon) Age 9–14 years at initial vaccination and received 1 dose or 2 doses less than 5 months apart: 1 additional dose.

If you have questions about the standards, please email the Bureau of Adult Quality and Oversight. If you are interested in opening a Bed Adult Family Home, please see the Division of Quality Assurance's website. Standards for Certified Bed Adult Family Homes, P (PDF) Online Training for Bed Adult Family Home Standards. Musculoskeletal System - Adult Section Category of Impairments, Musculoskeletal Major dysfunction of a joint(s) (due to any cause) Reconstructive surgery or surgical arthrodesis of a major weight-bearing joint Disorders of the spine.

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