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adult education programs is aligned learning, which speeds students to their end goal by integrating noncredit basic skills programs with for‐credit vocational or postsecondary 9 Baran and Strawn, Op. cit., p. Size: KB. Get knowledge and continue your education by getting adult education certificate in Baran or start registering students to your school of continuing education in Baran & provide continuing education courses in Baran.

Aug 01,  · The definition of education and learning has been changing in recent years, as the field experienced, and is still experiencing, many changes. One of those changes is a rise in adult learners in higher education. In order to cope with this particular change and set their classrooms up for success, i. Baran, Mette L. "Teaching the Adult Learner: Building Trust and Motivation." In Outcome-Based Strategies for Adult Learning. edited by Janice E. Jones, Mette L. Baran, and Preston B. Cosgrove, Cited by: 1.