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Adult Education for the Deaf: Present Dilemmas, Future Opportunities. Malone, Ollie, Jr. A need exists to train persons to work with hearing-impaired adults. While the physical effects of deafness are significant, the greatest impact on the hearing-impaired person lies in the psychological area. Psychological implications are separation from. Adult education, New Haven Adult and Continuing Education Center, Adult ed, CNA Assistant, English as a Second Language, GED, High School .

The Program for Deaf Adults (PDA) at LaGuardia Community College will provide you with academic support, personal and job development counseling, registration assistance, classroom interpreters, tutors, note takers, testing accommodation, and special sections of Basic Skills Reading and Writing taught in ASL. ThinkSelf is a Minnesota-based c3 nonprofit serving Deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled and hard of hearing individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. We offer Adult Basic Education to deaf and hard of hearing Minnesotans who wish to expand their literacy skills, learn about workforce preparation, and establish long term career goals.

Through these educational opportunities, DAS enhances Self-Awareness in the Deaf Community and increases knowledge of Deaf Culture. DAS offers ongoing day and evening classes to teach American Sign Language (ASL), providing opportunity for ALL individuals. Adult Basic Education for Deaf Adults A program designed for Deaf and hard-of-hearing adults to improve their academic and communication skills. Improve your reading, writing and communication skills in American Sign Language (ASL) and English in order to effectively communicate with peers, classmates and co-workers.