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Action Fantasy Avengers Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier Iron Man a 20 year old girl, looking after a young brother,and a dying mum, trying to get a job. Iron Man's red armored glove gripped a thick chain, and gave it a heavy yank. Pepper, Iron Man, and some other object covered with a tarp, stood in the dusty and dirty basement of a long-since ruined home. The building had been mostly demolished, and now hung open like a rotting wound among otherwise beautiful homes.

Mar 05,  · Action Humor Captain America Steve Rogers Tony Stark Iron Man A few short years after her father went mad, Naomi Kai must face off against Loki, the god of mischief. Her past haunts her present as she seems to struggle to . Jul 23,  · Tony Stark is a worldwide known superhero, member of The Avengers. He is the wonderful Iron Man. Everybody wishes to live his life, rich, handsome, girls wanting his attention, he's basically perfect, he has everything he could ever want, expect one thing unknown to fucksa.xyzs:

FanFiction | unleash - Follows: - Updated: 6/18/ - Published: 5/22/ - Captain America/Steve R., Iron Man/Tony S., Hawkeye/Clint B., Hulk/Bruce B. - Complete. The Thousand Yard Stare by velveteenspirit reviews. Or 5 times one of the Avengers saw a gap in Tony's mask and 1 time they didn't. The Avengers realise they don't know. The Iron Man by FriendLey reviews Tony Stark, The Iron Man, is the boss of the Avengers, the gang that rules in Pointe Dume. He holds a reputation for being a war hero, ruthless and violent. Pepper Potts knows there's more to him under the surface.