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Aug 04,  · A remitting fever, which is the most common type, is exhibited by fluctuating daily temperatures above the normal temperature range of degrees Fahrenheit or 37 degrees Celsius. An intermittent fever is denoted by a daily temperature that hovers in the normal range and elevates from time to time. If there is a wide variance in temperature, which also causes sweating and chills, the fever . Oct 25,  · Adult-onset Still’s disease affects men and women equally. Some doctors suspect that viral or bacterial infections are responsible. Cases of Still’s disease peak between ages 15 and 25, and ages 36 and Fever can strike daily for a few hours, usually in .

So, for instance, an otherwise healthy adult with a fever of ° F and only mild discomfort may be just fine at home with rest and fluids. But an adult with a fever of ° F who also has heart. Apr 01,  · Types and causes of fever Sustained or continuous fever. A sustained fever is when a person has a temperature above normal that does not fluctuate Intermittent fever. An intermittent fever occurs when a person experiences a raised temperature for several hours a day. Remittent fever. Author: Rachel Nall, MSN, CRNA.

Sep 17,  · Common fever symptoms in adults include: sweating chills (shivering) headaches muscle pain loss of appetite fatigue weakness. A recurring fever is one of the main symptom of a group of diseases called periodic fever syndrome. There are several types of periodic fever syndromes, including: Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF).