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Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry has provided adult guardianship services in Northeast Ohio for more than 25 years. To learn more about guardianship for the indigent, and the core values and principles that provide the foundation for our work, click here. For intake, please call Learn more about guardianship. Index of SCAO-Approved Forms for Use in Guardianship and Conservatorship Proceedings. This set of forms is for use in guardianship and conservatorship proceedings. The forms are usually filed in the probate court; however, they may also be filed in the family division of circuit court in ancillary proceedings.

GUARDIAN AND CONSERVATOR. INTAKE FORM. The information requested on this form will help us properly advise you, and will provide the information necessary to prepare any pleadings that may be necessary. If you need additional space for any question, please attach additional sheets. ALL INFORMATION PROVIDED IS STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. Form Name. Form Number. Guardianship Pamphlet. GC (for information only).Also available in Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese. (If you are asking the court to be appointed guardian, you MUST read this pamphlet.) Forms You Need to Ask the Court to Appoint a Guardian of the Person (Probate — Guardianships and Conservatorships).

Oct 11,  · Guardianship of An Incapacitated Adult. An Incapacitated Person (AIP) is someone who needs some help to care for themselves or manage their property or financial affairs. This kind of guardianship case is brought in Supreme Court or County Court under Article 81 of the Mental Hygiene Law. About Article 81 Guardianship. It is recommended that you have the Adobe Acrobat Reader version 10 or newer installed on your computer to complete a Fillable Adobe PDF form. Download the free Adobe Reader. How to Complete a Fillable PDF. Once the PDF form is open in your web browser, you may enter information into the form's fields using your mouse and keyboard.