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Nystagmus is a condition where the eyes move rapidly and uncontrollably. Sep 30,  · Nystagmus is the involuntary, rapid movement of one or both eyes. It is often the result of dizziness or swift body movement. Nystagmus can also be related to consequences of a medical condition or head trauma. Part %(23).

Jul 27,  · Nystagmus is a visual impairment that causes the eyes to make repetitive, uncontrolled movements from side-to-side, up and down, or in circles. Most often, nystagmus is involuntary and reduces or limits vision because rhythmic shaking or jerking of the eyes makes it difficult to focus. Jul 10,  · Nystagmus occurs when the part of the brain or inner ear that regulates eye movement and positioning doesn’t function correctly. The labyrinth is the outer wall of the inner ear that helps you.

Nystagmus is an involuntary rhythmic side-to-side, up and down or circular motion of the eyes that occurs with a variety of conditions. What You Need to Know Nystagmus most commonly affects both of the eyes. It may only last seconds, or may be permanent. Objects may seem a little blurry to children with nystagmus. But the world doesn't look shaky to them. It's different if you develop the condition as an adult. Then the world appears to move a.