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adult phrase tossing salad - Salad tossing Russian MILF gets fucked

"Tossing Salad" To put it bluntly, this means to lick someone's asshole, or to tongue someone's asshole, specifically a dirty one. In order to understand the phrase, you really have to understand digestion. Salad is composed of fibrous vegetables, many of which do not digest fully (ever seen corn in your crap?). A salad is comprised of a mixture of different ingredients and when making a salad you “toss the salad” around in a bowl to mix up all the ingredients in the salad. When you vomit you “toss” the mixture of food you ate out of your mouth.

tossed salad A rather tasty salad typically comprising of lettuce, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers among many other vegetables, topped with a dressing of some sort. Spread your asshole whilst I eat tossed salad, even though the two have no relation whatsoever. by waka flocka flame, hood ass n* December 02, Jul 21,  · Favorite Answer The phrase "tossing salad" actually came from the prison system. They would make the weaker inmates lick the anuses of the stronger inmates because inmates were deprived of any.

Apr 20,  · First of all, right, if hes a new comer, right, I want him to suck my ass with jelly, what they call "tossing the salad" -- thats the slang word: " tossing salad " -- it means sucking my ass, right, with jelly or without jelly. Some people .