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Guinness World Records Day. Are you thinking of making a record application (either as an individual or in a small team) in the next few months? Well how about being a part of Guinness World Records' biggest event of the year, GWR Day? Simply make your application and select the event "GWR Day " when prompted, and join in the celebrations! Mar 02,  · Follow me on you like talking about sex? Do you like world records? Well today we're going to talk a Author: Ray William Johnson.

May 20,  · Apparently, Annie's tatas started growing when she was about 9 years old, according to Guinness World Records. By the time she was in third grade, she was wearing a bra made for adult . Aug 14,  · There are, in fact, international masturbation records set at 'thons held all over the world. Current masturbation world records from worldwide masturbate-a-thons as of .

Adult World Records. Board Breaking. Breaker's Half Marathon- boards while running a Half Marathon – JonathanField – 2 hours 34 minutes 30 seconds. May 26, in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada (Ontario Breaking Championships and MA Showcase). Online Records. Online record-breaking opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to connect with audiences in multiple locations. There is a wide variety of record titles to choose from and they can be attempted across a broad range of platforms. Find out more.