Postfuckmatic Syndrome - aspergers syndrome in adult females


aspergers syndrome in adult females - Postfuckmatic Syndrome

Asperger’s syndrome traits in Adult Female. By admin on February 7, This video was created by a Samanta Craft, who has a master degree in education. Her son is with Asperger syndrome. She has shared her experience as a woman who has faced this syndrome and as a mother who has to take care of her child who has this disorder. Everyone is an individual so they will exhibit different traits from another person with the same diagnosis. Her point profile was created for females who are self-diagnosing or considering formal diagnosis, and to assist mental health professionals in recognizing Asperger Syndrome in adult females.

Sep 30,  · Currently, there’s no specific test that can diagnose Asperger’s syndrome in adults. There are no current diagnostic criteria for Asperger’s syndrome in .