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Dec 02,  · 1. Install lever faucets. Having a lever faucet gets rid of the twisting and turning that can be difficult for the 2. Get a sprayer attachment for your shower-head. A shower-head that you can detach and hold in your hand makes bathing 3. Install grab bars and rails. This is one of the easiest. How to Make Your Bathroom Safe for Elderly Family Members Shower and Tub Safety Precautions. Install grab bars in easy-to-reach places to assist anyone with their balance and Bathroom Floor Safety Precautions. Nonslip mats or rugs. Falls often occur when the elderly step out of the shower or.

Being able to use their bathroom is one issue that can be greatly impacted by new physical difficulties an older person may start to be having. In addition to that, the bathrooms they have used without problem for decades may now no longer be safe for them. At Mount Hope Nursing Center, safety is our first priority for all our residents. Walk in tubs are easier to use than a standard bathtub for small children, older adults, and everyone in between.

At least one full bathroom should be located on the main level of the home (along with the bedroom, kitchen, common areas and laundry room). If there is not a bathroom on the main floor of the home, you may wish to consider remodeling to add an additional bathroom or install a chair lift or elevator for easy access to other levels.