Mature Lesbian Domestic Discipline And Domination - adult and domestic discipline


adult and domestic discipline - Mature Lesbian Domestic Discipline And Domination

Domestic Discipline is another way for those who want discipline in their relationships to enjoy a variety of different types of punishment, including some of those which may not be age-appropriate for the children or teenagers that our members play. Here at Southern Comfort, we allow consenting adult couples to do whatever they want. Why Domestic Discipline? Contact; About Me; February 17, February 17, Marie. – Craving normalcy. February 6, Marie. – The Right generation is? February 5, Marie. – Multiple choice(s). February 3, Marie. – The Masks We Wear. The figurative ones.

A) Domestic Discipline is the practice between two consenting life partners - Domestic discipline is generally practiced among married couples. However, the term "life partners" is used in our definition because we feel domestic discipline can be practiced between any two partners who know they'll spend the rest of their lives together. Domestic Discipline, or DD, is a lifestyle which is quietly being adopted by a growing number of Christian couples. We have studied DD for a number of years – read books and web sites, talked to couples who practice (or practiced) it, and “lurked” on several “Christian Domestic Discipline.