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Ellis Weiner is the only person, dead or alive, who has published in the National Lampoon (where he was an editor), Spy (where he wrote a column), and The New Yorker (where he still appears). He is co-author, with Barbara Davilman, of Yiddish With Dick and Jane, Yiddish With George and Laura, How to Raise a Jewish Dog, The Big Jewish Book for Jews, and other fucksa.xyzg: vidlit. By Liz Dubelman. Annually, I torture myself by reading A Room of One’s Own, which essentially posits: In order to create, one needs a room of one’s own and British you don’t have those, stick to short bursts like poetry or Internet posts. I have never had those, but I persist.

Yiddish with Dick and Jane by humorists Ellis Weiner (best known, perhaps, for his work with National Lampoon) and Barbara Davilman is something (but not entirely) of an odd book. On the surface, it seems like parody, but, particularly for Jewish audiences—for whom this book is probably most targeted, in part for reasons I describe below—it reads as satire/5(70). VidLit is a community in support of writing. Period. We believe writing is not alive until someone reads it. Together, we can turn writing into reading. Home; Yiddish With Dick and Jane. You’ll Plotz! From the best-selling parody by Ellis Weiner and .

May 21,  · It's for a book called "Yiddish With Dick and Jane." The vidlit has illustrations from the book and sections of the text are read by authors Ellis Weiner, a former National Lampoon editor, and. Jul 01,  · Yiddish with Dick and Jane is a parody, and it’s pretty funny. Especially to those of us who grew up with a few Yiddish words floating around the family conversations. Dick and Jane are not kids any longer (just like those of us who are old enough to know the original story). In fact, they are grown up.