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Feb 09,  · Sugar scrubs are very versatile and can be used as a full-body scrub too. Alternatively, salt can also be used in making this scrub instead of sugar and will have the same effect. 5. Chocolate and Sugar Face Scrub. How to prepare. This sounds like the gourmet of homemade scrubs. This delicious mix helps to exfoliate and keep the skin fucksa.xyzted Reading Time: 6 mins. Jun 03,  · Coffee grounds, sugar, finely ground sea salt, cinnamon, and oats are some of the best ingredients to use in a homemade exfoliating scrub, Roff says. She is a big fan of sugar face scrubs, as they Occupation: Freelance Beauty Editor.

Use this homemade face mask for pimples and blackheads at least 3 times per week for. 6) Banana, Sugar and Salt Face Scrub and Mask. This is quite the best chemical free face mask recipe for natural banana fruit acids to get to work on dull skin. Banana is wonderful when combined with sugar and Celtic salt to exfoliate and nourish your skin. Jan 14,  · Lemon facial masks Lemons contain AHAs and BHAs, two types of hydroxy acid that remove dead skin cells and help clear up blackheads, acne, and discoloration. Create a homemade face mask by mixing the juice from one lemon with 1/4 cup olive oil or sweet almond oil. .