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Jaw and ear pain on one side of your face can be the result of a variety of medical conditions. Here's what you need to know about causes of these symptoms. Causes of Pain in the Right Jaw and Ear | Nov 12,  · Musculoskeletal: Pain and dysfunction in the muscles that control chewing and movement of the jaw can result in debilitating one-sided facial pain that is easily triggered by common actions such as eating breakfast or yawning.

The mandibular branch. It runs your jaw, lower lip, lower gum, and some muscles you use for chewing. The disorder can affect any of the three nerve branches, meaning you could feel pain . Facial pain refers to pain felt in any region of the face and may or may not include more specific areas like the sinuses or areas inside the mouth, such as the gums, inner cheeks, tongue, and/or jaw. This pain may develop suddenly or gradually, ranging anywhere from dull aches to sharp jabs or burning sensations.

May 08,  · Facial pain is common and often the result of headaches and injuries. However, other causes of facial pain include nerve conditions, jaw and dental problems, and infections. Facial pain can Author: Rachel Nall, MSN, CRNA. Jaw pain can be a sign of something as common as a toothache -- or even something as serious as a heart attack. Your jawbone, also called a .