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Aug 08,  · Sheryl Crow ’s life changed forever 10 years ago, when she was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer. More: Shannen Doherty breaks down talking about breast cancer and . Oct 08,  · Sheryl Crow is an iconic rock star, incredible friend (I know this from personal experience!), amazing mother — and a breast cancer survivor. The “Threads” musician was diagnosed 13 years ago, after dragging herself to a mammogram .

Oct 16,  · Sheryl Crow was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer in February , by way of a routine mammogram. At just 44 years old, she eventually . Feb 27,  · From the WebMD Archives Feb. 27, -- Singer Sheryl Crow is being treated for breast cancer. Crow underwent "successful minimally invasive surgery for breast cancer .

May 17,  · Sheryl Crow’s Ultimate Breast Cancer Guide Sheryl Crow and I were recently invited to the Dr. Oz show. Because breast cancer can be such a complex topic, I was particularly excited when I found out that we’d be giving advice on something everyone can easily understand – food! Sep 04,  · Crow was years-old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately, the diagnosis came at an early stage, and Crow’s Stage Zero Breast Cancer was very treatable. The star had a minimally invasive surgery called a lumpectomy followed by radiation, ultimately putting her cancer into remission. RELATED: I Have DCIS — What Should I Do?