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Yes. Latex condoms can be used safely in the shower or pool and water will not affect the strength of the latex. However, you must remember not to use an oil based lubricant or to use bath/shower items like gels and soaps because they can weaken the condom. Did you find what you were looking for? Mar 19,  · Condoms are great in the shower. If you don't want to kill the mood in the shower I would suggest either birth control or maybe a spermicide, becareful though. I .

Sep 13,  · If you have vaginal intercourse in the shower, using a condom is a good way to reduce the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. As with having sex anywhere else, it’s important to make sure the condom doesn’t slip off or break during sex, so use a silicone- or water-based lubricant — even in the shower. Jan 22,  · While shower sex using condoms isn't impossible, it's not always the easiest — or the most fool-proof. "Have condoms or other barriers readily accessible, but .

Scroll down for shower sex positions that sex educators say will give help you create your own xxx-rated shower sex routine. Friendly PSA: "If your shampoos or soaps are oil-based, they can degrade latex and make condoms and latex barriers less effective," according to Finn. If you are having sex in the shower (or while taking a bath), anything that is oil-based (which can include soaps and shampoos) may contain oil-based ingredients that may damage latex condoms.